Monday, March 31, 2014

Why the Cosby Show gave me and anxiety attack! TV Sitcoms are not real but a great benchmark to how to live your life.

Saturday night I caught a Cosby show marathon. I watched and watched and fell in love with the show all over again. I watched an episode in which Claire was stressed over her work schedule and her 4 children that were home; general blunders of everyday life. Well Cliff asked her if it was the stress of work, or the stress and home and in both cases she answered , No. But she was still super stressed. So this wonderful man decided to help her by setting up a babysitter and taking her out for a romantic hotel stay, renting a limo and taking her to a lovely dinner. Everyone let's stop right there and dissect what I just said.

1. The hard working lawyer wife who has five children is stressed about both her life, and her work. She clearly has no work life balance and yet remains to look flawless.

2. Her doctor husband takes time out of his busy schedule to speak with her every morning, help her with said children.

3. Her doctor husband, who's witty and compassionate says, I'll take you on a weekend getaway, stabilize a sitter for all of our children, and rent a limo so neither of us will have to worry about NYC traffic.

Okay. Not to say that none of these things are possible  but the fact that the problem and solution were found so quickly, (it's a 30 minute show) was just astounding! And for a moment I really took myself inside the show as if they were real people. Then I quickly applied this to real life. This is what caused the attack! I say now after the anxiety attack has ended; that obviously this is a fictional show with fictional characters. So I know very well that real life is not so simple.

It is more than possible to attain all the things that the Cosby's have but the reality of it is that your hair will be out of place, you will be very tired, and couples typically only average 2 children in this day and age. The economy is not doing as well and employers require a lot more of your time now! A lot of times, one person is doing enough work for three people, so the rate that your brain works, the amount of sleep that you receive, and the dynamic of a relationship is nearly impossible to replicate to a late 80's/early 90's sitcom. So.. The next time you watch a rerun of this show, step back and take a deep breathe and realize that it's just TV, your life is a MESS but that's NORMAL.