Thursday, January 2, 2014

What does being an adult actually mean?

Some people say as women, when you reach the age of 18 you are an adult. I looked up adulthood, and ran upon this very poetic definition. " Adulthood- mature and sensible, not childish" . So I took another second to think further.. have I reached adulthood? Am I sensible? I'd like to think that I am but you know.. that can be open for speculation!

Growing up, I would try to find examples of strong, dignified poised women to map my maturity after, and for the most part, until I was about 20, I did my best to be just like all of those examples. Pulling my resources together and creating a super adult, a composite character of my most famed examples! A woman that holds her liquor, smart, speaks with purpose, spiritually connected, dresses to kill, and smokes a mean pack of cigarettes. (Now of course, that wasn't the part I was supposed to extract but go figure).

Something like these chicks: 

But in my early twenties I was more like.. (Get ready)

This was more fun! All that fun propelled me to be a mom at around 23! Quick slow down lol..

Now.. back on track.. I'm more of a cross between that ciara pic, and something like..

This is a happy medium for me, I work hard, I play hard on occasion and I can still fix a problem like no body's business. I say all this to say, that for today, being an adult doesn't mean that you're boring, it just means, you know that when you go to the store, your husband forgot to tell you that he needed socks, so you buy them. You know your son needs Doritos for a field trip that's going to happen in two weeks, and you also know that if you're going to go to the club.. and you have availability to take a nap, you should TOTALLY DO IT. And let me tell you one thing, taking naps is not something that I would not have done back in the day, I could probably stay awake for 24 hrs at a time, but now.. you give me a pillow and 45 minutes, I can take over the universe!

What do you guys think about my first official blog post? Let's get some dialogue going.. What does adulthood mean to you?


  1. independent and self sufficient

  2. I actually like the dictionary definition of adulthood. I think its an ever evolving process though...but people never say that.

    1. Totally true Jackie, I thought it was a well!

    2. Totally true Jackie, I thought it was a well!

    3. I think being an adult is being comfortable in your own skin. I like your first writing and you should definitely continue.