Thursday, May 8, 2014

Dating and Relationship Secrets Every Woman Should Know

Hi Ladies,

This message is specifically tailored for you. There are times when we're new to a relationship that we have a tendency to "over share". I'm sure everyone can relate to acting irrationally at times when they wished they shouldn't. Here's a few things that I  believe should not be brought up and/or exhibited, early while dating, midway through a relationship, or even in your marriage.

1. Do not tell your current love interest illicit details about your last relationships.
This includes, who your best partner was, how much more money your ex has over your current lover, what you LOVED about him, and other things that you wouldn't want to know about his exes. This is important because it will make you look as though, you're still hung up on the past and  you'll look like blabber mouth who does in fact kiss and tell. Besides, do you think he really wants to know about these things? Not to mention, if you give away all of your secrets it'll leave plenty of room for judgement. Even if he asks you; keep a cool head, and don't go into too much detail. Poise is key.

Addendum, please don't tell your friends how great of a lover your new man/significant other is. Everyone isn't loyal, your relationship can be compromised by an associate who wants what you want!

2. Don't tell a man your friend's business.
For example, you remember that spring break trip, that included tequila shots and Mardi Gras beads, and how many the two of you came home with. SSSHHHHH. Keep that one to yourself, that includes; Vegas Trips, drunken bar fights, and etc. The trick is to make sure that he sees you for the woman that you currently are, and not the "harlot in training" that you used to be. Besides, what your friends did, is their business and you certainly don't want him thinking that you guys are just a team full of nasty girls. That's cool for a one night solicitation but not for a committed relationship. So practice early and just don't ever bring it up.

3. Do not ever, tell your man, that you're better than him, smarter than him, or rub in the fact you make more money than him. Please. Just don't do it.. Unless you want to officially end this courtship, relationship or marriage. It's important to maintain some humility. No one wants to be with a woman who throws their accomplishments back into his face. (this includes during an argument, he wont forget it, and you'll loose his respect) .

4. Let him hang out with his friends, don't call him 50-11 times while he's out. There are a few reasons why:
A. His friends are going to make fun of him (Man, your girl barely let you off the leash tonight blah blah blah)
B. You look needy
C. It's annoying
D. It'll appear that you don't trust him
E. It's tacky, there I said it. Sad but true.

5. Respect the relationship he has with his mother.
Ladies, you want a man that cares for their mother. That just goes to show you how he'll treat you. It's indeed a good thing. It's natural to be jealous of their bond, but at the end of it all, she's his mother. She gave birth to him. You don't have to become girlfriends, but respect is definitely needed. Besides you wouldn't like him in the first place if he wasn't raised right.

6. Don't use sex as a weapon.
I need to be clear in my explanation on this one: If you're upset with your man, work the issue out. Don't withhold sex as if you're worth just that. You're worth more than that, and if the issue is really more serious, is sex the only thing you should be locking down?

Here's some helpful tips to maintain that idealistic perfect wife/girlfriend/potential wifey status we all secretly want. Please like, comment and share! I'd love to hear your thoughts! .

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