Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Five Reasons We Watch Reality TV

 Yes Ladies and Gents ,

We've all been witness to a very enjoyable last few days  as a result of a recent "sex tape" that has conveniently leaked just before the start of the new season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. There's no need for me to even give you a synapses;  if you're on social media, which I'm sure you are, you've seen Meme's and Pictures that allow you to be highly informed on what's going on..

So every year I promise myself, I will no longer entertain this foolishness, I am educated, I am a mother, I'm ABOVE THIS.. Truth is.. No I'm not.. Reality TV has continued to be a guilty pleasure in my life and in the lives of  many others. I mean seriously there are all kinds of shows. Home makeover shows, talent reality TV, "partially scripted reality shows, cooking shows, or,  get stuck on an island and walk around naked for weeks. I could keep going but you get the point. They are everywhere. And regardless to who you are, you'll find yourself watching one.

And here's why I believe that is.

1. They are just entertaining, they make you laugh, they confuse you, you cry , whatever.. You're entertained nonetheless.

2. They are an invaluable escape from everyday life.

3. It's the safest way for a person to be judgmental and not feel bad about it.. You can watch these shows and say "Oh this person is so dumb!", and there are thousands of people who will agree with you!" Because these people choose to put their lives on television therefore allowing themselves to be subjected to this scrutiny.

4. They literally SHUT YOUR BRAIN OFF. You want an escape, go watch RHOATL or LHHATL or The Bachelor, anything with people who pretend to be sophisticated and average one fight, or something else undignified approximately every 18 minutes.

5. It makes for wonderful water cooler talk at work the next day. You can sit with your coworkers and refer to your notes from the night before.

So.. Although the reality TV wave doesn't solve ANY of your problems.. at least it distracts you from them for a little while.

Enjoy your reality TV if you are so inclined. I won't judge.. Unless you decide to broadcast it on a TV show!

Stay tuned to my posts. I'm hoping that one day I'll embrace my social consciousness and boycott this type of TV, but I just haven't gotten there yet.

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