Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sensitivity to the N' Word

A couple of weeks ago there was much hype concerning the Looking A#$ Nig#A Song by Nicki Minaj. From what I can tell the song is basically about how disgusted she is about under achieving men, and it was a mini anthem or wake up call for those bumbs ..

 A lot of people were upset by the song title and her frequent usage of the N Bomb. Some men were effected by the track because she highlighted a bunch of bad traits concerning men in the present day. Here's what I know about how African Americans and Latinos utilize this word. This word as we know plagued the  majority Africans and African Americans throughout our stay in the U.S.( Well before the union actually!) African Americans have been documented in saying that the word is used  as a term of endearment. They have also been quoted as saying that it's often used as a direct reflection of under achieving, tacky , common people usually for any race..

The word is disgusting and how people use it is disgusting. But let's be clear it has ALWAYS been that way. The likelihood of everyone having a moral awakening to cease using the word in all genre's and formats.. is LESS THAN LIKELY.

So going back to the song.. Should African Americans be offended about the lyrics? Has Nicki Minaj set them (including myself)  back a few years. In my opinion, the answer is NO.

The truth is, she wasn't the first person to use the word, she isn't even the first person to put the word front and center on a track list. Have we all forgotten that NAS named his album N#$#A a few years ago? There was a similar amount of out rage and he eventually changed the name of the album to the N word.

I just find it ironic that whenever she says something that's "frowned upon" she gets this extreme backlash . I'm going to call it how I see it.. She gets picked on because she works in an male dominated industry where men get to call women B's and Hoes all day every day. These artist get to disrespect women in all formats really; and they get to use the N bomb as much as they want, and no one winces.  Misogynistic lyrics have been the corner stone for hip hop music since it's inception and yet when a woman turns the focus onto men.. then guess what it's HORRIBLE.

Knowing that it is an entertainers job to entertain and push the envelop and start a conversation based on their music. Then rest at ease because she is doing her job!

I took the liberty of attaching the lyrics of the song below. Give it a read and tell me what you think!


  1. I'm not offended by the song at all. Men and women alike call women bitches all day everyday. My only problem is that African American women never use the N- word as a term of affection as would an African American male will. You'll never hear a woman say I love my N*gga or any loving words after it. It's only said out of anger like a white person would say it.

  2. Humn.. Never noticed! Dawoud. Honestly it never crossed my mind that women are contemptuous in their usage. Your point is definitely proven in this song because she was clearly upset when she wrote this one!