Thursday, April 3, 2014

Keeping it real does go wrong!

So Sorry friends,

I've been extremely busy digging through life's messes and spent a lot of time just jotting ideas but not putting the effort in to streamline any of them. There is something very pressing that I would like to share with my good people. There is importance in self worth and how you are perceived by other people. Please don't get me wrong, I do enjoy a no nonsense person that isn't afraid to say what they feel.. however with everything in life there are limits! A little goes a long way.. Some of us have the foot to mouth disease and I have great news. There is a cure.. BE QUIET!

Here's a few scenarios when you should exercise the ability to be silent.

1. A friend is going through something extremely trying in their life, and you noticed that they have been stress eating. The stress eating has translated into gaining weight and the outfit that they're wearing isn't very flattering. SHUT UP.. please don't ask them if they've put on weight.. Do not do that! Even if they mentioned that they have put on weight, you can encourage them, and offer to go to the gym with them. So you BOTH can live a healthier lifestyle.

2. Your boss is being a meanie, and you really want to tell them where to go. Before giving them the real please consider the following :
A. Do you have another job if you quit this one?
B. Do you have a forget it fund, in a situation in which  you've decided to leave a job when you don't have another one?
C. Are you being overly sensitive today?
D. Have you contacted the appropriate parties in assisting you with this difficult person (ie, HR , Another manager? )

3. Your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend's whining has rose to an all time high. Please.. don't ignore them or tell them to shut up! There could really be something wrong.. they could really need help. You never know what is dragging down their mood. Just ride the wave until it passes, or offer to take them out to one of their favorite places for a pick me up. After all you are their significant other, the person both of you have chosen to ride into the sunset with, so.. take that foul mood with a grain of salt and keep it moving.

Moral of the story, decorum goes a long way. And when someone you care about is in a foul mood or you're working with someone you don't like learn how to be smart


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